We specialize in all waxing services including brazilian wax, brow shaping, body waxing for men and women.

Best waxing in Vancouver near the Stadium- Chinatown Station. Specializing Men and Women Brazilian waxing.

most painless brazilian waxing -apply numb cream, soothing and use hard wax 

also we offer brow lamination in Vancouver.       

Men waxing 

  • Men brazilian - removal all front & scrotum. Includes back hair (between the cheeks)
  • Derriere (Full) - surface of buttocks.
  • Men front or back waxing - chest or back hair removal. Upper body wax.
  • Neck+shoulder wax
  • Beard+sideburns
  • Full legs
  • Half legs
  • Full arms
  • Half arms

Women wax

  • Women brazilian -removal all front & back hair 
  • Pregnant women brazilian - we customize the wax type (hard wax & sugar wax)
  • French bikini -removal deep bikini hair line included back hair 
  • Bikini
  • Back waxing 
  • Full legs 
  • Half legs
  • Full arms
  • Half arms

Sugaring wax 

  • Brazilian sugaring 
  • French bikini sugaring 
  • Bikini sugaring 
  • Arms sugaring 
  • Legs sugaring 
  • Back sugaring 
  • Front sugaring

Sugaring not to burn the skin lasts longer and leads to permanency.Sugaring is water soluble and all natural ingredients.