We excel in a comprehensive range of waxing services, catering to both men and women. Our expertise encompasses Brazilian waxing, brow waxing, and body waxing. Our establishment is conveniently located near the Stadium-Chinatown Station, making it easily accessible for residents of Vancouver. With a specialization in Brazilian waxing for both men and women, we pride ourselves on providing the most comfortable experience possible. Our approach involves the application of a numbing cream, ensuring a nearly painless procedure. To further enhance client comfort, we utilize high-quality hard wax. Additionally, we offer an alternative option of sugaring waxing, providing our clientele with a diverse set of choices. Experience the best waxing services in Vancouver at our establishment, where we prioritize excellence in technique and customer satisfaction.

      Men waxing 

  • Men brazilian - removal all front & scrotum. Includes back hair (between the cheeks)
  • Derriere (Full) - surface of buttocks.
  • Men front or back waxing - chest or back hair removal. Upper body wax.
  • Neck+shoulder wax
  • Beard+sideburns
  • Full legs
  • Half legs
  • Full arms
  • Half arms

      Women wax

  • Women brazilian -removal all front & back hair 
  • Pregnant women brazilian - we customize the wax type (hard wax & sugar wax)
  • French bikini -removal deep bikini hair line included back hair 
  • Bikini
  • Back waxing 
  • Full legs 
  • Half legs
  • Full arms
  • Half arms


     Sugaring wax


  •   Brazilian sugaring 
  •   French bikini sugaring 
  •   Bikini sugaring 
  •   Arms sugaring 
  •   Legs sugaring 
  •   Back sugaring 
  •   Front sugaring

    Sugaring not to burn the skin lasts longer and leads to permanency.Sugaring is water soluble and all natural ingredients.



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