how to care of the after waxing

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For 24 hours after waxing care 

* You may experience some redness and discomfort, which usually subsid within 24 hours.

*NO hot shower, baths and steam room

*NO sexual activity

*NO natural sun tanning, spray-on tanning.

*NO swimming and heavy exercise.

*NO deodorants, powder. lotion.

*NO tight fitting clothing.

should be do the exfoliate or apply care cream 

normal skin after 2-3 days.

sensitive skin after 4-5 days.

As hair grows back, you could experience some irritation on the waxed area, please exfoliate and apply moistures to the area for 3-4 days.

IF you are seeing any ingrown hairs on the area, please deep scrub the area for 3-4 days and you will see the ingrown hairs come out.

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